Sunday, June 9, 2013


100-year old landmark, Santa Monica Pier
Walk at Venice Beach
Expensive late night wine at our hotel pool
View from our room at the Viceroy hotel
Must visit: Jim Morrison's old home in Laurel Canyon
It has been quiet here because we've been traveling. Those of you who've been following our trip through my Facebook page already know this, but we went to Southern California for a little trip. And by little I mean really short one. We left Wednesday evening and got back Saturday night. Husband had to be in town for work and I decided to tag along since I've been wanting to visit Cali for the longest time. It was fun trip! But too short. Therefore we'll be back soon...
“Los Angeles was the kind of place where everybody was from somewhere else and nobody really droppped anchor. It was a transient place. People drawn by the dream, people running from the nightmare. Twelve million people and all of them ready to make a break for it if necessary. Figuratively, literally, metaphorically -- any way you want to look at it -- everbody in L.A. keeps a bag packed. Just in case.” Michael Connelly, The Brass Verdict

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