Saturday, June 22, 2013


 Yesterday a whole lot of Scandinavians, and others too I'm sure, gathered together in Battery Park to picnic in the grass, decorate the midsummer pole, make flower wreaths, play traditional games and dance to authentic fiddle music. This was my first time ever to attend and I'm glad I did. Weather was just perfect, not too humid and hot.
I loved all the flowers people had on their hair. Next year I need to get mine. DIY flower wreath instructions here. 
In Finnish tradition, Midsummer Eve and the long, bright, nightless night has always believed to have magical qualities. Still some people do spells and charms with a twinkle in the eyes. Most of those spells are in some way, linked to ones love life. For instance, if you put seven different flowers under your pillow on Midsummer night you’ll meet your future spouse in your dreams… 

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