Friday, June 21, 2013


I was first introduced to Lalicious during NY Fashion Week at Ivana Helsinki's show. Their gift bags featured full-size (=huge) container of this heavenly fragrant "Sugar Kiss" body scrub. It's a blissful combo of vanilla, citrus and rose and as a moisturizing agent it has coconut oil. So right before you get off the shower rub it all around your body, rinse quickly and pat dry. Your skin is soft and smells unbelievable. 
I've waited and waited for them to come out with a body spray and they just did! Of course I immediately ordered it,  "Sugar Kiss Everyday Everywhere Spray", and I could not be more satisfied with it. It's smells perfectly girly without being too overpowering. 
I also ordered a small bottle of their body butter so I can carry it in my purse and when I travel. As a free sample they sent me this Peppermint body oil. It also smells amazing and I use it for my legs and feet immediately after I get out of the shower to energize them. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Summer Solstice! We're finally having our Blue Picnic this weekend so follow the fun on Facebook!I'll post some sneak peek photos straight from the event.
"When you become calm and serene on the inside, the world becomes more calm and serene on the outside." Unknown

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