Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We only had about 2 hours to go through Universal Studios theme park which was nowhere near enough time to see anything. So we kind of just ran through it because it was such huge area. At this real, working film and TV production facility you’ll find rides, shows, movie sets and attractions.  
We went on two rides only and the first one, Disaster Studios, was fun and exactly what I wanted to experience here (You'll see scenes from some of Hollywood's biggest movies and witness live demonstrations that show you how many of the most amazing stunts and special effects were created). Second one was Men in Black, but that was total waste of time... Shooting aliens from a moving vehicle. At the end of the night we enjoyed lights and fireworks show over the water.
So that was our Universal theme parks experience. I didn't take too many photos since I left the camera in the car and had just hubby's cellphone to take pictures. If I ever come back here it will be with kids. I think watching them enjoying all these things will make the trip worth the money. So until then Orlando!
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  1. Oh my!!! All I can think is one word...j-e-a-l-o-u-s :D I wanna go there toooooo... But no vacation, long enough, is coming up anytime soon...

    I'm so glad you got the experience all that :)


    1. I don't think this place is going anywhere anytime soon so get that vacation time girl and go! :) It's a fun place to be a kid again!


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