Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I like to keep things super simple when it comes to skin care, so I've once again reduced the amount of products I use basically to five. Although on my days off I do not care to use make-up. I'm the laziest make-up person there is. I do not find it fun at all. I dislike shopping for make-up and I really dislike putting it on. 
 Here's my normal daily skin care routine:
1. I use coconut oil to wash my face and take off my eye make-up 2. For toner I use homemade concoction of apple cider vinegar, filtered water and jojoba oil. (I use an old Pangea Organics facial cream bottle to store it).
3. Make-up foundation and bronzer by Pure Minerals, but once these run out, I'm changing into something more natural and completely toxin-free (yes, Pure Minerals is not that pure...) 
4. Brows and eyes I define with Body Shop's carbon eye definer pen. 
5. Mascara from Body Shop. Only use when I'm at work or going out. 
(6. When I travel or am really tired after a night out to wash my face I use "Yes to Carrot's" facial cleansing wipes).
That's it. My skin doesn't normally need any moisturizer due to the jojoba oil in the facial toner. If I have dry areas I use Amal Oils' organic argan oil. And for any breakouts tea tree oil is my go to remedy.
I've also simplified my hair care routine and made it 100% natural. I'll share more about it soon!

"We find comfort among those who agree with us—growth among those who don’t."
 Frank A. Clark


  1. Luin jostain muualtakin että tea tree oil auttaa näppylöihin. Pitää kokeilla!

    1. Juu, ja hyvin auttaakin! Mikaan ei ole ollut yhta tehokas kuin tama. Olen kokeillut kaiken maailman kalliita "hollywood-tahtien puhtaan ihon salaisuus"-juttuja, mutta kylla tama pelkka tea tree oil on vaan niin selkeasti parempi ja nopeampi apu.

  2. How do u use coconut oil to "wash" your face? :)

    1. I use it just as I would use cleansing milk or -gel, so I just take a little bit oil and rub it all over my face massaging gently to lift up the dirt and make up. You can use some warm water to rinse it off, but definitely need also the toner to get most of the oil off your face.


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