Thursday, May 9, 2013


My gorgeous friend Keli agreed to be my model once again when we were rushing to a work related event so here are some shots from 56th St. and 7th Avenue in front of the Red Eye Grill. Love the bright colors to go with her cheery personality!
Stay fabulous! XO


  1. wow I LOVE her style!! Those shoes are so cute too. I love bright, bold colors, but my skin tone won't allow me to wear them. So I'll just admire them on people on whom they do look good :)

  2. Oi, upea tyyli! Hiuksista kengänkärkiin! Itse en osaa noin värikkäästi pukeutua, mutta ystävällesi sopii. Hänellä on kadehdittava kyky yhdistää värejä.

  3. Love the Colors, Great outfit :-) I work in the Midtown area and I know how hectic it could be. So surprise you were able to take very nice pictures specially in that area. For my outfit-pics, I go really west 11th or 12th ave or Central Park. Great Pictures/Fabulous outfit !
    Instagram: @AndreaKree8s


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