Sunday, May 5, 2013


 We've had a beautiful week and I got to enjoy it almost every day. My routine has been pretty similar each day when I'm not working. Starting the morning off with a shot of apple cider vinegar, lemon water to get my vitamins down (B-Complex and enzymes) and then pitcher of green smoothie. At noon  I have my hot yoga class, but I go there usually 20 minutes earlier to sit in the studio, meditate and let my body get used to the heat. After class I walk home slowly while drinking second bottle of water. When I get home I sit in the yard for a while enjoying the sun and drinking yet another glass of water enhanced with Nuun electrolytes and vitamins. And then, energizing shower so I can snap out of the physical tiredness.
 This week I've cooked a lot with lentils, both red and green. Lentils are probably my favorite food item. So many ways to make them, but all easy as can be. Plus they're high in fiber, protein, folate, magnesium, but very low in calories, One cup of lentils contains just 230 calories, but keeps you feeling full for a long time.
I've also been experimenting with something completely new to me: surf spray for hair. It gives my fine hair nice volume and texture, but makes me have to wash my hair more often which I don't like. Anyways, hope you all had a great weekend! 
"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be." Maya Angelou

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