Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Charity House Tour continues... This house was my favorite because it just felt so warm and comfy inside. If it was on one level and not so close to the neighbors it would've been perfect. It had multiple cozy living areas and the back porch was very inviting as well.
I love ranch-style houses (very hard to find in our area) so this house was amazing to me. Especially since it was completely renovated. The happy owner welcomed us warmly.
Love the built-ins and all that natural light coming through the windows.
Oh would we throw some wild parties over here...
More gorgeous built-in cabinets in the family room of this green house.
Accent stone wall
Adorable nook. Love the cabinets, hardware, marble countertop and open shelves.
Formal living room of this house was filled with light from that gigantic window.
And that concludes the house tour. Hope you got some inspiration from it! For more of that, check out these kitchens.

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