Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We made a last minute decision to travel to Florida for the Memorial Day weekend (weather report for North East looked that bad) and took the plane out on Thursday afternoon and got back on Sunday late night. We stayed at a nice resort, Sheraton Vistana Villages, just 10 min drive from the theme parks. 
Universal has two theme parks in Orlando: The Islands of Adventure and the Universal Orlando Resort. The park's overall theme is that of a journey of exploration, where guests depart from a main port to visit seven other distinctly themed islands, all emphasizing adventure. We didn't do any rides, but enjoyed walking around the grounds. I must say I was very surprised how expensive the tickets were! $128 per person for the one-day ticket (minus 10% employee discount) + $20 for parking the car. This did give you the admission to both Universal parks. But still.
Husband won me a huge, human sized rasta monkey that I had to drag around the park in the heat and crowds. Eventually I had enough and gave it to some kid... He got sooooo happy!
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Hogwarts Castle
Most rides had wait time 30-60 minutes, but we were not there for the rides anyway, so it didn't matter. Plus husband works for the company so we could've get ahead of the lines. Another important thing I have to mention is the food.I don't expect gourmet foods anywhere that's filled with tourists and mostly families with small children, but there was absolutely no options for anything healthy. I mean how about a smoothie bar??? All I drank/ate during our visit (besides water) was a lemon slush.
Orlando travel story to be continued tomorrow...


  1. You didn't go on the rides!!?? They are awesome! We went there day after Thanks Giving, so it was nice and dead quiet so could just walk straight into the rides. They had some good roller coasters and the Harry Potter ride and the Spiderman ride were fun and different..
    I totally agree about the food. We ate at the Seuss restaurant and it was only burgers and pizza, which were all really bland and gross..

    1. No, no rides for us. Lines were ridiculous, but we could've passed them with the employee pass we had, but were just not interested. On the other side we did some rides though, at Universal Studios. And the food was horrible everywhere! Pure junk and nothing but junk. Didn't eat anything in either one of the theme parks. Just drank a lemon slush which was probably made of some artificial stuff of course.

  2. Voi miten ihana hame sulla on! Mistäs se on peräisin? :)

    1. Kiitos Mia ja Jenni! :) Se on liikkeesta nimelta Love Culture: http://www.loveculture.com/


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