Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today I was all dressed up and ready to go and photograph an event near Union Square, but as it turns out I got the week mixed up and the event is a week from now. Glad I double-checked it while I was walking to the train. So I just turned around, came back home, asked hubby to take some photos and started cooking some Rigatoni alla Vodka. I'll share the recipe with you later.
The rest of this week may or may not involve one of our famous color themed picnics (this time the color is blue!), hot yoga (of course), some serious vacation planning and booking (we got at least three trips coming up this summer) and cooking, cooking and more cooking. 
"Don't promise when you are happy, don't reply when you are angry, and don't decide when you are sad." ~Unknown


  1. Absolutely lovely shots!

    Susu Paris Chic

    1. Thank you Susu! Husband hates taking photos so this had to be 10 second thing... Men... :) Have a great weekend! XO


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