Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Can you recognize this brownstone from a certain TV show?  
Since we're talking about pretty places, how about Seattle? Anybody out there in Seattle? Know any bloggers from Seattle? Have you been to Seattle and have a good tip for a hotel, restaurant, store, cafe? Must see things? I would love to hear from you since I'll be headed that way soon and since hubby will be working I'll be exploring the city on my own most days. 


  1. I love Seattle! You will of course have to see the fishmongers at the Pike Place Market, eat some good seafood at a restaurant by the water and also wander around Capitol Hill. I'm not even that hipster, but Capitol Hill is such a cool area whit loads of vintage stores, I love it! There's also the house boat area where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed, but that is not that close to the centre though.. Starting to think about these makes me wanna go back :D

    1. Nice! Thanks so much the tips! We took a hotel very close to the Pike Place Market so I'll probably spend some time there while hubby is working. And I believe the city is well walkable so since the weather is going to be warm and sunny I probably won't even have to jump on the monorail. I'm a Finn and we walk a lot! Can't wait for this trip!


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