Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 Sunday after-work we decided to head out to the West Village to check out what people were up to this chilly Sunday. The area around NYU was quite energized and bars were filled with drunken St. Patrick's Day partyers. 
 We stopped at Wicked Willy's for some whiskey and ginger ale, but then continued to search for something less noisy, because people were going pretty wild over at Willy's.
 We found the place to be: 1849 Bar & Grill on Bleecker Street. Quiet enough to have a conversation yet not empty and they offered few vegetarian options for us hungry ones. I had pretty good jalapeno poppers that were served with green salad and we shared some chips and guacamole. Not terribly unhealthy bar food. 
"Time flies when you're having rum!" Unknown

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