Thursday, March 28, 2013


I've probably said this before, but I'm really not a make up kind of girl. I own just the basics, like one eyeliner pen, one mascara and one eye shadow (which gets used maybe once a year). And I use them until they're completely finished. I really hate shopping for make up. But since I'm now back in front of hundreds of people every day at work I kind of need to look a bit more presentable. So I went and got me a brand new eye liner pencil (in brown, always) from the Body Shop. This one's called the Carbon Eye Definer and it goes on nice and smooth.
Yet another one from Body Shop. I had to the Sweet Lemon Body Butter because it was 50% off and ended up costing only $10! I already got the vanilla body butter from BS, but this soft lemony scent is nice and energizing during spring and summer mornings. I still use coconut oil as well, especially after shaving.
I'm not the one for "adult" fragrances so strawberries, mangos, peaches, cotton candies and Indian temple oils are the kind of scents I'm all about. :)
Now these tablets were a total impulse buy. I was at Westerly Natural Market the other day getting fresh juice from their juice bar for my juicing friend Keli.  These electrolyte and vitamin-enhanced drink tabs are great replacement for sports drinks and making sure you stay optimally hydrated during work-out. Just add one to a cup of water and wait. Drink.
And last, but not least, I found this colorful bag for spring on sale for just $12 at Laila Rowe!
“To find yourself, think for yourself.” 


  1. Aivan ihana väriläiskä toi pikkulaukku! Noita poretabletteja pitääkin yrittää hankkia.
    Mukavaa Pääsiäistä täältä lumen keskeltä!

    1. Joo huomasin etta te olette saaneet lunta ihan kunnolla! Noh, kylla se kevat sielta joskus tulee.... Olen rakastanut viime aikoina kaikkeen tuollaiseen varikkaaseen ja etela-amerikkalaiseen tribaalityyliseen kuosiin. Kun ilmat vahan lampenee viela niin saan kaikki ihanat ponchot ja muut kayttoon taas.

      Nyt kun aloitan taas kunnolla hotjoogan niin nuo electrolyte-tabletit tulee taas tarpeeseen.

      Hauskaa paasiaista teille!!!! XO


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