Sunday, March 31, 2013


Finally, last Sunday, after work I visited the famous Eataly in Flatiron District. We were in the area visiting a new favorite store of mine, Crossroads Trading Co that my friend Keli had discovered. It's a buy-sell-trade-consignment store that has 29 stores across the US and is headquartered in California. I found two items that kept haunting me and I might go back tomorrow to buy them. One was beautiful long, tribal style cardigan and the other one was wide leg chiffon pants. Something new for the spring now that I have a job that pays well again.
Anyways, when heading back to the subway we decided to check out Eataly since neither one of us had never been there. And we both fell in love... Eataly makes and carries any kind of pasta you can imagine, aisles of olive oils (nearly 100 varieties), Eataly Vino offers over 700, exclusively Italian wines, over 400 varieties of regional Italian cheeses, from March through September, their produce is locally grown in New York and New Jersey, 17 different eateries to choose from, wonderful desserts, bakery and so much more.
We actually got an idea to have a "Eat, Pray, Love" themed culinary get-together here with the girls one night. They're open 'til 11pm every day! Vino, pasta and some tiramisu. Yum!
"Eataly is more than a supermarket with restaurants. It is an energetic marketplace, an opportunity to taste and take home the products of artisans who till, knead and press to bring you the highest quality products at fair price. We have assembled the absolute best Italian producers from every region under one roof and the absolute best chefs to cook their wares; Eataly is the heartbeat of Italy. Our new New York address does not mean we are only about importing. Our bread is made with New York flour, our gelato is whipped up with local dairy and our meat, produce and fish are almost always American. Grazie, America!"

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