Sunday, March 17, 2013


 Helmi-Maaria Pisara of the blog called "Pisara" recently challenged me to reveal the following things about myself:
Five things I need on a daily basis: Long hugs with my cats, superfood smoothie, raw shea butter, lemon water, camera.

Five material gift wishes: I just received every material thing I've ever wanted (dslr camera and Vitamix Blender), so there is nothing left to desire (for now). If I have to come up with something, then maybe a professional video camera :). And a new set of lingerie since it's been a while since I've done that kind of shopping ... Oh yeah! Also, strawberry-scented organic perfume!
Five places I would like to travel: Thailand (I'm probably the only Finn that hasn't been there), I'd love to go back to India and Nepal, Australia would be nice to see, and then also Bali (because I studied Balinese temple dance in Finland. Yes.).
Five adjectives that describe me: creative, kind, patient, imaginative and quirky.
My five favorite foods: Kimchi Jigae (veg version of course), veg meatballs with mashed potatoes, thin crust pizza, home-made lentil soup, and peanut stew.
Five life instructions I want to share with you: Take Risks! Travel a lot! Take a look at the big picture! Take it easy! Do not forget to have fun! Bonus: Take a lot of pictures!


  1. Hauskaa että ehdit vastata! Ja oh, nuo elämänohjeet ovat niin tartuttavia :)

    1. Juu, parempi myohaan kuin ei milloinkaan! :) Kiitos Helmi-Maaria!


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