Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 I'm really focusing on spiritual growth this year. I've started the year off reading Gabrielle Bernstein's "May Cause Miracles" and getting my meditation going. It's been difficult to do it in the mornings since I'm not a morning person at all and sitting still in my bed in the morning makes me just want to fall asleep again. 

But as Gabby says, just keep doing it. At first it might feel like you're just sitting in silence and nothing is happening, but just by "showing up" and doing it, you're off to a great start and on your way. And start with just one minute and increase the time when you start feeling comfortable with it. I took these tips from the magnificent Kris Carr and modified them a little bit to fit me better. If these tips work for you, keep them going, one miraculous day at a time.
1. Meditate each morning.

Start your day with love. I force myself up slowly to sit in lotus position, still in bed. I close my eyes and start breathing deeply. Once it feels comfortable I'll start adding the word "let" in every inhale and "go" to every exhale (in my mind obviously, not saying it out loud). I'm letting go of all the useless fear, stress and other unnecessary things in my life and surrender to the guidance of the Universe. There's always time to do this. It only takes a minute, or five, you choose. No excuses. Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier!

2. Have a green smoothie, and sometimes, one cup of coffee.

Give your body a healthy burst of nutrients, alkalinity and antioxidants, then sip the joey, if needed. I've started drinking coffee (mocha) just some months ago and I got addicted to the feeling of happiness and productivity it gives me. I only need one little cup and that keeps me going for hours. Of course, it's kind of stupid to pick up a bad habit at this point of my life, but I feel like I need it when I'm at work that I'm not too fond of. It really does put me in a great mood.

3. I'm sweet enough without you, sugar.

I always had a huge sweet tooth. If you crave sugar, choose fruit as much as possible. I bought juicy navel oranges so whenever at home and cravings hit me, I slice up one orange and that satisfies me. On a special occasion I slice up an apple, fry it just for a little while in coconut oil so it doesn't get too soft, add some cinnamon and pour little bit of maple syrup on top. Yum!

4. Cut the cheese.

I've pretty much eliminated all animal products from my diet, but one remains; cheese. It's truly addictive and I get cravings for it. When you cut down on animal products, you can look forward to less mucus, better poops, glowing skin, less inflammation, less gas, and more freedom (aka less addiction to certain foods — ahem, cheese!). During digestion, casein breaks down into opiates known as casomorphins, giving you warm fuzzy feelings (there are high levels of casein present in cow’s milk for their nursing calves). Cheese has the highest levels of these casomorphins, making it the most difficult habit to break — it’s not in your head, you really are addicted to dairy! And if you’re concerned about calcium intake, have no fear. Dark leafy greens, beans, almonds and non-dairy fortified milks are fabulous sources.

5. Worship The Daily Ten.

Working out in ten-minute bursts can make a huge difference in your life. They energize the body and stimulate creativity. If you’re having a hard time jump starting a workout program, can you move your body for just ten minutes per day … consistently? Walk your dog around the block, dance, jump rope, do ten glorious sun salutations. Just do it.
Lastly, and possibly most importantly, break the trance of negative self talk and the behavior that follows it.

Bear witness to the negative self talk. Notice the chaotic noise, the ever-changing stories. Now pause and remember that the voice in your noggin isn’t you. You are love, you are holy. Notice the voice but don’t adhere to it. Give it a shape and a nickname if you need to. Anything to show you how separate that voice is from you.
Breathe. Smile. Be the light. 


  1. im oh so intrested with spiritual growth too. and this book seems to be intresting as well :)
    welleing is wonderful thing! lovely posting!
    happiness in u day!

  2. I'm definitely going to start my days meditating and I was already planning to start doing the green smoothies again.. Very inspiring list indeed!!


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