Sunday, December 9, 2012


This was the first year I got invited to the Finnish Consulate's Independence Day reception. It was short and sweet (my favorites were the cocktail bite sized Karelian pies), the view was great and we made some new friends along the way.
Finland's Independence Day is held on December 6th to celebrate Finland's declaration of independence from Soviet Russia. The movement for Finland's Independence started after the revolutions in Russia, caused by the disturbances from the defeats of the First World War. This gave an opportunity for Finland to withdraw from Russia. After several disagreements between the non-socialists and the social-democrats about the matter of who should have the power in Finland, the Senate of Finland, led by Pehr Evind Svinhufvud, finally gave on December 4th 1917 a Declaration of Independence which was adopted by the parliament two days later. (wikipedia)
And the some good old Finn humor. You know you have been in Finland too long, when... 

- You rummage through your plastic bag collection to see which ones you should keep to take to the store and which can be sacrificed to garbage.

- When a stranger on the street smiles at you:
a. you assume he is drunk
b. he is insane
c. he's an American  
- Silence is fun. 
- You associate pea soup with Thursday. 
- Your idea of unforgivable behaviour now includes walking across the street when the light is red and there is no walk symbol, even though there are no cars in sight.
- Your old habit of being "Fashionably late" is no longer acceptable. You are always on time. 
 - You just love Jaffa.
- You've come to expect Sunday morning sidewalk vomit dodging. 
- You know that "Gents" is another term for sidewalk. 
- You know that more than four channels means cable. 
- When you're hungry you can peel a boiled potato like lightning. - You accept that 80°C in a sauna is chilly, but 20°C outside is freaking hot. Source


  1. Hahaha, kyllä piristi sunnuntai aamua kummasti noi sun luettelemat asiat :-) Hernekeittoa täytyy syödä vain torstaisin, miksi sitä edes söisi muina päivinä? No idea.

    Aika paljon suomalaisia muuten nykissä, ihan yllätyin!

  2. Tosi hyvia ja niin paikkaansa pitavia noi suomalaisuutta koskevat toteamukset!

    Meillakin oli Itsenaisyyspaivan vastaanotto lahetystossa.

  3. Hehee, I recognised myself in more than one category... :D

  4. "You know you have been in Finland too long, when..." oli tosi hyvä ja sai mut nauramaan! :)

  5. Vad fin du är i svart och vinglaset i handen!


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