Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 Now that we don't have all those extra bedrooms like we did in our old house I'm getting an itch for decorating. I'm dreaming of girly office space where I can let my ideas flow and do some serious brainstorming for writing and other things creative. I would love to empty our second bedroom from all the storage boxes and make it into an office. We'll see if that's ever going to happen. I collected some images for my Pinterest account for inspiration. These are my favorites. See more here. 
Wow, I need to find a job I can work from home so I can make my dream office come true!


  1. Tykkäsin erityisesti tuosta "toimisto kaapissa" -ideasta. Mun työskentelylle on ominaista eräänlainen hallittu kaaos. Tuossa voisi näppärästi laittaa vaan ovet kiinni, kun vieraita tulee tai työasiat alkavat ahdistaa. :)

    1. Samaa mietin minakin. Varsinkin kun meidan vierashuoneen (joka on siis varastohuone talla hetkella taynna pahvilaatikoita) komero olisi juuri taydellinen tohon hommaan. Kaunis tyotila saisi varmasti luovuuden valloilleen. Ihan varmasti!

  2. Man blir ju helt galen när man tittar pa dom här bilderna. Jag tycker mest om nummer 3 , 4 och 6.

  3. Wow! That office spaces for girl are really cute and very inspiring. Good ideas, can I get some design and style of it for my office. Thanks.

  4. A girly office design isn’t a bad idea. As the saying goes, “To each his (or her) own.” So if having a girly office is what can make you more productive, then go for it! By the way, here’s a tip: Try to accessorize some of the items, such as your calendar or desk drawers. You can also try to personalize your gadgets, like your laptop or tablet. =)

  5. Maintaining an officespace is really tough, because need to keep all the documents carefully. You have shared nice office spaces and I love them.


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