Thursday, October 11, 2012


 I started my 21 in 31-yoga challenge last Monday and so far I'm happy with my abilities at class, but I'm not happy with how I sometimes make excuses not to go to the class. During my first week I did only four classes instead of the six that I had planned. That's not very good. That means that this week I got some catching up to do. 

Plan is to take class Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, and then Sunday do a double. We're allowed two doubles during the challenge and Sundays are the perfect days for those because after the regular hot power yoga class you have restorative yoga which is mainly stretching and breathing. Great way to end the week anyway. 

My eating has been pretty bad, I do not eat enough and healthy enough nor do I drink enough water. I need to establish an eating plan to follow because what I see here is not good at all. We are offered so called family meal at work at 4pm every day, but there's always meat on everything so all I can usually eat is some salad and rice... And Sunday was definitely the low point of my week... Ooops.
What I ate
8.45am 0.7l water with lemon juice, enzyme 
11am-2.30pm 4 big cups of green tea, one apple
4pm 2 glasses water, 2 rice & hot tomato sauce filled soft tacos
6pm 2 bowls of granola with almond milk & raw honey, enzyme
7.45pm-9pm 1 liter of water
9.15pm 0.7l water
Class: 7.45pm hot power vinyasa (1h15min)


8.45am 0.7l water with lemon juice, enzyme, 1/2 l green smoothie (apple, plum, banana, spirulina, hemp protein, water) 

10.30am 1l green smoothie, 3 cups green tea, 2 handfuls walnuts 
4pm frisee salad, vinaigrette, loaf of white bread, 2 glasses water 
5.30pm 3 Reese peanut butter cups (I was starving!)
7.30pm 1l water, 2 big bowls of oatmeal with raw honey & almond milk, 1/2 pomegranate,  1 glass banana daiquiri , 1 glass water, enzyme
Class: 6.15pm hot power vinyasa (1h15min)

8.45am 1 glass water with lemon juice, 1/2 glass green smoothie 10.30am 1l green smoothie, 3 cups of green & chamomilla tea 2.30pm 1/2 smoked tempeh wrap 

6pm the other 1/2 of the wrap, walnuts 
9pm oatmeal with raw honey, mango butter & almond milk, enzyme
Class:no class, fell asleep... 

8.30am 0.7l water, enzyme 
10.30am 1l green smoothie, 2 glasses green tea 
1.30pm veg sushi, candy bar 
4pm green salad with vinaigrette 
9.30pm spicy butternut squash-yam puree soup 2 bowls, ww toast. 0.7l water, enzyme
Class: no class

9.30am glass of water with lemon, enzyme, 1,5l of green smoothie with apple, banana, kale, plum, spirulina & hemp protein powders
1.45pm slice of pizza
3.30pm sweet potato sushi roll, 1 glass of water
6pm Spicy butternut squash-yam puree soup, ww toast, heirloom tomatoes with vinaigrette, enzyme
Class: no class

9.30am 0,7l water with lemon, enzyme
12pm 1,5l green smoothie
1pm two home baked sprouted whole wheat rolls with Earth Balance and heirloom tomatoes
8pm veggie burger with fries, water (at Zombie Walk)
Class: 10am hot power vinyasa(1,30min)

11am tall glass of water with lemon, enzyme, 1,5l green smoothie
3pm pizza, water
6pm pizza, water
9pm pizza, water, enzyme
Class: no class 
Here's few good tips for the month from one of our teachers:
  • Consider that you are going to need to hydrate constantly. I recommend the Electro Mix to add to your water. Made by Emergen-C, it is in a green packet & contains Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium & Chromium and NO SUGAR. 
  • Try to drink at least 12 glasses of water a day. But stop about 1 – 1.5 hours before class.
  • Make sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Your body & mind will need this.
  • Keep a journal or blog during the 21 will love going back to read how each day & class is different.
Week 2 has started and I'm already doing much better!

“The one message of all saints and sages is the message of love. Ahimsa is the highest of all traits found in the mind, speech and actions of all perfected souls. There is only one religion- the religion of love, or peace. There is only one message, the message of unconditional and universal love. Ahimsa is the supreme duty of a Yogi. If you are established in Ahimsa, you have attained all virtues. All virtues spring forth from Ahimsa.
Ahimsa may appear to merely imply non-killing. But, non- injury is not merely non-killing. The true meaning of Ahimsa is non-harming in thought, word, and action. The absence of causing any harm to any living creature. Ahimsa is true strength. No Self-realization is possible without Ahimsa.”
- Sri Dharma Mittra

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