Monday, August 13, 2012


We had the pleasure dining at one of NYC's oldest and most prestigious restaurants last week, the 21 Club. My friend Keli is friends with the chef and he wanted to impress her with this magnificent 4-course meal. And he sure did. He was informed that I was a meat-free eater and he had created a special menu for me as well. We started with gazpacho that was amazing. Its specialty was that it had tiny pieces of watermelon in it! Yes! Watermelon! My favorite! True genius work! Midcourse was something super delicious that I just can't remember right now what it was. See this is why I take pictures, they help me to remember. Unfortunately I forgot to shoot it and now I don't know what it was that I ate. Aargh!
Anyways, main course was equally delish; ratatouille stuffed sunflower buds, portobello tower filled with brown rice and something else. So good. Keli had salmon and some real mashed potatoes that might be the best ones I've ever tasted. 
And then there was the grand finale of this meal,dessert. At this point, of course, we were quite stuffed, even the chef understood to keep the portions small throughout the entire meal. We had some apple crisp, coconut cake with very refreshing lemon sorbet, chocolate macaroons (not pictured) and some kind of big bowl of ice cream with hot fudge. 
I should also mention that the service was magnificent. Our server Christopher did fabulous job. What a nice chap!
"The best mirror is an old friend." Proverb

Kavimme viime viikolla syomassa kuuluisalla 21 Clubilla jonne ystavattarellani on laheisia suhteita. Illastimme kokin vieraina ja saimme taas sellaista palvelua etta! Han oli suunnitellut minulle erikseen neljan ruokalajin kasvisillallisen joka oli aivan mahtava. Alkupalana tarjoiltu gazpacho vei heti makunystyrat sellaiselle makumatkalle etta siita oli hyva jatkaa. Gazpachon erikoisuutena olivat pienen pienet palaset vesimelonia. Tajunnanrajayttavan hyvaa! Tata taytyy kokeilla kotonakin. Saisinkohan reseptin kokilta... 

Kaikki muukin oli niin taydellista ja vietimme aika monta tuntia paikan paalla nauttien siita kaikesta huolenpidosta ja herkuista. Kylla kelpasi kollotella pari korttelia hotellille lepaamaan taman jalkeen.  

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  1. Wow, happy that you got to go there, and have some special treatment. I haven't been to the 21 Club for a while.. I used to go there a lot for business dinners. It is such an old New York staple. Definitely worth experiencing, at least once!


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