Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Weekends I squeeze my lemons and store the juice in a glass bottle in the fridge (2-3 days is recommended). Another great way to store your lemon juice ever longer is to freeze it in the ice trays and that way it will last up to 4 months. Just add cube to every glass of water. Works great on certain cocktails as well. 
I've been hearing about Chia for the longest time, but never tried it. One day while at Organic Avenue buying my juices I saw this bag of Chia Porridge. it is so easy to prepare! Just add cold or hot water, stir, let it sit for 10 minutes or so and eat.

Chia seeds contain more omega 3 & 6 than a piece of salmon, 3 to 6 times more calcium than a serving of milk protein, 11 grams of good fiber per ounce which is nearly 50% of the daily recommendation. As for protein, it is considered a complete protein since it contains all 8 essential amino acids all of which when readily available for synthesis in the body, build strong healthy tissues. 


  1. interesting!! never heard of this recipe before, will try to make it! thanks so much for sharing =)

  2. Tässähän tuli tosi hyviä vinkkejä! En ole ennen ajatellut pakastaa sitruunamehua, ja chia on täysin uusi tuttavuus - mutta ravintoarvot kuulostavat sellaisilta, että mieskin varmaan lämpenee, vaikka sitä varten pitäisikin mennä "hihhuliluomukauppaan". :)

    PS. Kiva asu!

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