Thursday, July 19, 2012


We have settled and feel very comfortable at our smaller place. It feels more like home and not just an apartment. Storage is a huge issue and we are going to have to rent a storage space somewhere to get some of these boxes there that are now taking over our dining area as well as our guest room. The good news is that there was no flooding here during yesterday's massive thunderstorm. Our neighbors had warned us that the previous tenant moved out because of the flooding. When we inquired with the management company about the issue their response was that they had taken care of it and we shouldn't worry about it. Yesterday on my way home (soaking wet because I had to run four blocks from work to the train in a downpour without umbrella) I was almost certain that our place had flooded and we would have to throw all our stuff out. But I was happily surprised when I got home and there was no water anywhere. My place of work wasn't so lucky. Major flooding in the kitchen, water pouring down from our air vents and so on. Not good... 
And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. 

Olemme asettuneet aloillemme uuteen paikkaamme ja tama pienempi paikka tuntuu vain niin paljon kodikkaammalta kuin entinen asuntomme. Varastotila on vain valtava ongelma, ja meidän täytyy vuokrata tila jostakin jotta saamme joitakin näistä laatikoista pois viemasta tilaa ruokailutilasta sekä vierashuoneesta. Hyvä uutinen on, ettei kotimme tulvinut eilen valtavan ukonilman aikana. Naapurimme oli varoittanut meitä, että edellinen asukas muutti pois tulvimisen takia. Mutta onneksi näin ei käynyt.  Työpaikkani tosin ei ollut yhtä onnekas. Suuri vedenpaisumus keittiössä, vettä tuli sisään tuuletusaukoista ja niin edelleen. Ei hyvä...


  1. I am very interested of more healthy life and to become a vegan.
    I still have many questions in my mind and I found your blog and I thought why not to bother you with my (stupid) questions:D

    When being healthy, thinking that your "body is your temple" and being vegan, can I drink alcohol anymore?
    We all know that alcohol is basically pure poison for human body. I love to have few drinks more than every once in a while and I would feel super hypocrite to pour poison to my body while trying to be healthy and respect my body and mind...

    Then the another question. I loooove cats. ( i saw you have few very cute furballs ;)) and I have two cats myself. If I start my vegan life how can I still keep buying meat to my cats? Also that would feel so hypocrite... :(

    If you have any opinions, wise words, tips to me please I would love you to share :)

    1. No question is ever stupid! But there may be stupid answers :)

      Anyway, I do have a drink every now and then, mostly wine, but summer times I like fruity and tart cocktails as well. Such as the Master Cleanse Tini, my favorite... One thing I don't like to do is to restrict myself from "all bad". What works best for me is doing this gradually. That's how I transformed in to vegetarian diet and now slowly to vegan diet.I like to have fun, treat myself every now and then with also not so good foods (I love Scandinavian candy and cupcakes!), but still most time I'm very good to my body and keep my habits going to healthier direction every year once I keep learning new things about nutrition. But in no means I see myself going all alcohol and refined sugar free in the next year (unless I was to get pregnant). I believe one day it'll happen, but I don't push myself, I let it occur naturally and go with the flow. So, no, I don't think an alcoholic beverage every now and then hurts me so bad that I should not ever drink.

      My cats are definitely carnivorous and natural hunters, but I've read many success stories about vegetarian/vegan cats. So raising cats vegan is possible, but it requires much commitment to ensure that they are getting all the nutrients needed. I read somewhere and wrote it down in my notes that you can try start giving your cats some mashed tofu, garbanzo beans, seaweed, squash, some grains, seitan, etc. topped with nutritional yeast, oil, and supplemented with nutrients designed for vegan cats. And you should do this gradually, first adding some of these ingredients to their regular meaty foods and slowly reducing the meats and increasing the plant based foods. Otherwise their body might go in to shock.

      Here's a great article about vegetarian cats and dogs


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