Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Last Thursday I was invited to a cocktail party and fashion show by the Arctic Circle-Finns of New York and Ivana Helsinki. Luckily I hadn't eaten dinner yet because these delicious and colorful Karelian pies from Northern Rye were waiting for me as well as some good old Fazer candies for dessert. Perfection!
Ivana Helsinki is known for their use of high quality materials, bright colors and bold in-house print designs. I've been dreaming about this dress from their Indian Summer collection since I saw it a few months ago, but I'm still trying not to buy any more clothing because I think I have enough... And with all these moves ahead of us (first one in two weeks and then again in a year) I don't need any more baggage to pack and carry. Although, if I was to see this dress on sale I would get it in a heartbeat. It's just so me. The colors and all. 
All and all it was a fun night filled with Finns and fashion and I was able to catch up with people I haven't seen in a while. If you are interested in joining the Arctic Circle, check out their group here (it's free) and just show up for the next event!
Hope you are all having a great week!!!

Viime torstaina minut oli kutsuttu cocktailkutsuihin ja muotinäytökseen, jarjestajina Arctic Circle-Finns of New York-ryhma ja Ivana Helsinki. Onneksi en ollut ehtinyt syöda illallista vielä, koska paikan paalla minua odottivat herkulliset ja värikkäät karjalanpiirakat. Rakastan karjalanpiirakoita! Fazerin ihania karkkeja nautin jälkiruoaksi. Taydellista! Ja ehka lasi kuplivaakin meni siina sivussa...
Jos olet kiinnostunut liittymaan Arctic Circleen klikkaa tanne ja ilmaannu seuraavaan tapaamiseen!

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  1. Nami! Sekä herkkujen että Ivana Helsingin suhteen. Tykkään noista vaatteista. Ja nyt tuli ikävä karjalanpiirakoita.


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