Monday, June 25, 2012


The other Friday I took a nice walk through the park from Central Park West to 5th Avenue and met with my fabulous friend Annabella for some after-work museum fun at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Most days I prefer going straight home, but some days I just crave for some girly chit chat over a glass of wine. Fridays are the perfect days for that since Saturday I'm allowed to sleep in... Well, at least until 9am. Sunset over the park is stunning and just reminds me why this is such a great city even I often dream about leaving it behind for something more peaceful. 
Annabella owns an ethical fashion e-store Missqa together with her sister Viola. Check out their blog here and get inspired!
Have a wonderful week!

"Worrying will NEVER change the outcome"

Toissaperjantaina tapasin ystavani Annabellan kanssa Metropolitan Museon kattoterassilla toiden jalkeisen museohuvin merkeissa. Pitka tyoviikko on ihana saada paatokseen rentoutumalla, tyttojen juttuja puhellessa kera viinilasillisen. Auringonlasku puiston ylla on kaunis ja tuo pintaan ne tunteet joita minulla oli tata kaupunkia kohtaan kun ensimmaisen kerran tanne saavuin. Jannittava paikkahan tama on elaa, mutta yha useammin huomaan kaipaavani rauhaa. 


  1. I was just there 2 weekends ago and it was really quite lovely! The sculpture is pretty neat among that skyline indeed. Good Luck with your move and hope you enjoy the new place!!


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