Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I received this fun challenge ages ago from Jenni to list Finnish things we have in our home. I finally got a chance to look around the house last weekend and see what I could find. Most of these items were gifts from my family because I do always ask for something from Marimekko when they inquire what I would like for them to bring for me. Above photo shows the most beloved necessity :)... That I can actually buy from our nearby liquor store.

I loooove Marimekko napkins! So much color and fun for any party. Pentik's reindeer napkins are waiting for winter parties.
During my last visit to Finland I went a little crazy with Moomin mugs and bought about six different kinds. Most of them are still packed and now ready for our next move at the end of this month so I didn't get a chance to photograph them. The cup on the left is from Marimekko.
These colorful dishtowels and aprons are from Pentik and Marimekko. 
Pentik's reindeer candle holder and Mariskooli.
Large Aalto vase my grandmother gave me.
Pentik stacked ball lamp base.
This Marimekko canvas basket holds all my large bracelets and bangles. And a head massager...

Kakunpalasen Jenni heitti minua haastella jo ajat sitten ja vihdoin viime viikonloppuna oli hetki aikaa katsella ympari kamppaa ja etsia suomalaisia tavaroitamme. Kylla niita jonkin verran loytyi vaikka voisihan niita vahan enemmankin olla. Varsinkin Marimekon astioita... Ja Iittalaakin. Mutta joka tapauksessa talosta loytyi vahan Finlandia Vodkaa :), Marimekon ja Pentikin servetteja, Muumimukeja, Marimekon kupit, Marimekon ja Pentikin tiskipyyhkeita ja essuja, Pentikin poro, Mariskooli, mummiltani saatu Aalto-maljakko, Pentikin ihastuttavat pallolampunjalat jotka sisko tanne joskus raahasi (kiitos vaan) seka muutamia muita sekalaisia Marimekon tuotteita kuten pyyhkeita ja lakanoita. Mutta nekin on pakattuna jossakin. Voi tata muuttajien iloa...


  1. I love that giant black n white photo with red frames of you two! Awesome!

    1. Thanks! It's like 5 years old and Marcus hates it. So whenever we have friends over he hides it.... :)

  2. I have the same number one Finn necessity;) Can get the wonder drink up in Canada-land too, whew!

    1. Oh yeah! You never know when you have to pour an old-fashioned Finnish cocktail...


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