Monday, May 21, 2012


Let's start with Friday because I had a task at work that gave me a big headache. Literally. I was asked to go to the Flower District and find non-fragrant greenery for a dinner party happening that same evening. I had so many visions of modern, minimalist centerpieces in glass vases filled with white stones. But. When I got to the stores I noticed I had very little options. There's tons of flowers and plants, plastic/silk greenery, but not at all what I was looking for. I went through every single store at least twice, and after two hours of searching I finally found some real green plants that could work, even I wasn't crazy about them. Then I just had to get white stones and some big branches for another installation. When I got home at the end of that day my headache got so bad I just passed out in bed for an hour, but woke up feeling good enough for a little walk around our town with the husband.
Saturday I met up with a friend for lunch at an Indian bistro called Basera (50th St. & 9th Ave). They make some delicious mango lassis (with Grey Goose)! There was a street fair going on as well on that same avenue which we were happy to observe from a distance inside the restaurant. 
After lunch we headed down to Flatiron District and I finally got to visit Marimekko store which I haven't seen since they opened. I love the bold colors and patterns, but seriously they should have a sale section like any other store. Everything is so pricey. I'm hunting for Unikko tote bag in yellow or pink, but I think I have to take the hunt to Ebay. From Marimekko we decided to walk to NoLiTa since it was gorgeous day and visit another Finnish store Ivana Helsinki. It is in such nice neighborhood that I could hang out over here more often.
We also had to stop at Patricia Field's store on Bowery which is a colorful drag wonderland.  I did not see one thing I would wear other than on Halloween...
Saturday ended with some live jazz at our local jazz club. Sunday I just hung out in our little yard, enjoyed the sun and reading, took few short naps and ate well. I'm ready for new week! And it's going to be so much better than the last one! 
Enjoy yours!
The world you see outside is a reflection of what you have inside, if you see only problems you are the problem, if you see hope, you are hope. - Cory Booker


  1. looks like a funn time!! found you via the wiegands!

  2. Haha, I would wear 98% of what they have at Patricia Fields.. ;D


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