Saturday, May 19, 2012


9) Sleep. Rest, relaxation, and deep sleep restore your mind, spirit, and body. I personally try to get 8 hrs of sleep each night. And usually do.

10) Care for living things. Find a small patch of garden or some potted plants, or take care of a pet. Your respect and practice in this area trickles over into other areas of your life. I've been very unsuccessful with plants and gardens but pets get my love and care 100% every day.

11) Love your loved ones every day. Relationships thrive on constant renewal. Your sacred duty is to turn every new day into another opportunity to recognize the spirit and oneness in all of us. Love and feel loved. Practice loving your loved ones as well as people you don't care so much about. We are all connected.

12) Whatever you pay attention to becomes a reality in your life. Choose wisely.

13) Dance. Every day, do a little jig, stretch your arms to the sky, or wiggle. Most living things move, sway, and stretch: remind yourself of your precious life by dancing.

14) Move towards compassion. True compassion means more than sympathy notes, tut-tuts, or listening to complaining. True compassion means recognizing who someone is underneath their exterior. Compassion is reaching out and creating a bridge between you and another person. The kind of compassion that gives life and eases sorrow or pain is the kind that recognizes the "oneness" within all.

15) Share. Your life touches other lives in amazing ways. In the time you are here, you have an opportunity to complete your purpose. Share your knowledge, share your skills, share your home, share your experiences, share your abilities. Writing a blog is one of the easiest ways to do this. Source: A Successful Woman


  1. what lovely advice and thanks for your sweet message about my moving situation :) perhaps i'll see you there at some point! x

  2. Simple and smart. Wish I could manage to do all that.


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