Thursday, May 17, 2012


1) Educate yourself. Learning something new every day is a true pleasure and a gift. Free your mind from "little thinking" and give yourself an opportunity to contemplate the magnificence of being alive. Read books. Attend lectures. Embrace every learning opportunity.

2) Follow your passions. You are the only one of you in the world. Follow where your heart leads you, and trust that you will find a way to turn your most innermost dreams into a reality. Let the Universe guide you and trust that "she" has your back.

3) Raise your consciousness. Much of the pain and suffering in our world relies on us believing that other people are "separate" or "wrong" or "bad" or "less than." We are all connected, we are each human beings and we are each sparks of divine Creation. We all are able to co-exist. When we believe that and act that way, we make a better world.

4) Find a mentor or a role model. Learn from others who embody your highest and most conscious truths. Learn from any lessons your role models may be able to share. They have created a path for you: you may not need to follow in their footsteps, but you definitely can learn from their examples. I personally like to learn from Gabrielle (spirituality), Marie (business)and my old friend who has become my spiritual mentor.

5) Volunteer. Volunteering and doing pro bono work are effective ways to contribute to your community and "step outside" of your own reality for a few hours or a few days. Since I love animals my plan is to volunteer at our local animal shelter during weekends.

6) Learn how to maintain your own finances. Learn about your money and keep a positive relationship with its growth and flow. Money is about exchange of energy: feelings of abundance or lack are connected to your own energetic feelings about how you are participating with the Universe. 

7) Cultivate friendships in your life. Seek like-minded people who will be your companions and who will support you in your path. During times of joy as well as in extreme sorrow, your friends help remind you who you really are.

8) Take care of your body. Your body serves you for the rest of your life, so feed yourself as well as you are able, drink water, exercise, and take all things in moderation. Your body is a great gauge for how your spirit is interacting with your environment. Walk at least 30 minutes a day, do yoga, stretch whenever you can and eat plenty plant-based foods. Source: A Successful Woman


  1. Dessa kloka ord passar även oss som är 35+!!! Härliga ord. Vilken vacker top du har pa dig!

  2. Great advice Katariina! A good piece of advice my stepmother gave me was not to focus on age. She said she sees women in their 30's and 40's complaining about how old they are and how slim they used to be. She said they are still young and it's such a sad waste of time. She also said it's a shame that girls put so much thought and time into dating the wrong guys instead of being happy just by themselves.
    If I was to pass on some advice to girls it would be to learn how to come self dependant. Learn how to take care of your finances, health, car, home, and things like taxes and insurance. Sometimes life really throws some curveballs and it's a lot easier to survive when you're prepared!
    Have a sunny weekend,
    xoxo Kristina

    1. Thanks for this Kristina! I would definitely add the independence factor because I remember in my late teens I had the need to be in a relationship all the time, no matter how bad it was, instead of enjoying my youth, great friends, studying and hobbies. I would save dating for much older age and concentrate on things that actually matter. Enjoy your weekend dear! X

  3. this is so right on. thank you for sharing!

  4. This is great advice. Thanks for sharing girl.


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