Thursday, May 31, 2012


Good news for Finns and especially those of you who have requested that I write in Finnish! Since I have so many readers from Finland I've decided to start writing in Finnish AND English from here on. Plus I could really use the practice, because it seems that my Finnish writing is getting a bit rusty... So from now on this blog will be bi-lingual! Yay!
Hyvia uutisia suomalaisille! Minulta on usein pyydetty etta kirjoittaisin suomeksi ja jonkin aikaa jaksoinkin pitaa kahta blogia, toista suomeksi ja toista englanniksi. Monet lukijoistani ovat suomalaisia joten olen paattanyt aloittaa kirjoittamaan tata blogia myos suomeksi. Ja suomenkielen harjoittaminen on vain hyvaksi minulle koska olen huomannut etta kirjoitustaitoni on melkoisessa ruosteessa... Joten tasta eteenpain tama blogi tulee olemaan kaksikielinen! Hip hip hurraa!


  1. A little bit extra work for;) Well it's nice for those who don't speake english! I've written my comments in english because I've thouht that almost every reader from Finland understand but your english speaking friends doesn't understand Finnish. Well what do you prefer? Should comments be in Finnish or in English?

    I have been busy lately so I haven't written any comments to your lovely blog but it doesn't mean that I haven't visited;)

    Have a great weekend and thaks for your great and cheerfull blog<3

    1. Hey Kati!

      You can write your comments in any language you prefer, there's always google translator... But I really don't mind if it's in English, Finnish or Swedish. Anything goes! Have a great rest of the weekend and thank you for your kind comments! XO


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