Thursday, May 31, 2012


Good news for Finns and especially those of you who have requested that I write in Finnish! Since I have so many readers from Finland I've decided to start writing in Finnish AND English from here on. Plus I could really use the practice, because it seems that my Finnish writing is getting a bit rusty... So from now on this blog will be bi-lingual! Yay!
Hyvia uutisia suomalaisille! Minulta on usein pyydetty etta kirjoittaisin suomeksi ja jonkin aikaa jaksoinkin pitaa kahta blogia, toista suomeksi ja toista englanniksi. Monet lukijoistani ovat suomalaisia joten olen paattanyt aloittaa kirjoittamaan tata blogia myos suomeksi. Ja suomenkielen harjoittaminen on vain hyvaksi minulle koska olen huomannut etta kirjoitustaitoni on melkoisessa ruosteessa... Joten tasta eteenpain tama blogi tulee olemaan kaksikielinen! Hip hip hurraa!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I dragged my husband and mom-in-law to this gorgeous castle near our home this weekend and of course it was closed... So we just ended up walking around the grounds and peeking inside the windows. I'm ghost and spirit obsessed person, but others agreed that they got chills near the castle as well. It was built in 1902 and been owned by many different families as well as a well-known cult. So you can just imagine what has been going on inside these thick stonewalls. I must get to visit this place inside.
Hope you've been enjoying your weekend! One more day of peace and quiet and then it's back to work on Tuesday...

Friday, May 25, 2012


 It was so good seeing my friends from Finland this week. Wish I had visitors more often. Makes me always want to follow them back when they leave. I actually feel quite sad right now that they're gone. I got them spacious accommodations at my old job for a good price, they did some (a lot) shopping, made friends with few locals (gangsters and cops) but the weather really could've been a little better. It was raining way more than normal. I've gotten very little sleep this week and therefore the next 3 days I'll be sleeping in and relaxing. And missing my friends:(

"Books and friends should be few but good."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Photo by Saara
My lovely, crazy friends from Finland are in town for a short visit and we got tons of catching up to do so I will be back with the blog sometime at the end of the week. I will be posting daily updates and photos on my Facebook page so I'll see you there!
"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Anais Nin

Monday, May 21, 2012


I love potatoes (staple in the Finnish food culture) and always look for creative ways to prepare them, dairy-free. The other day while shopping at Westerly Natural Market I found almond cheese and decided to try it on this creamy potato bake recipe. Cut potatoes into thin slices, mix together with smashed garlic, thyme, salt, pepper and onions, add almond milk (or another non-dairy milk),  cover with grated almond cheese and stick it in the oven for about 60-90 minutes. Potatoes were served with crispy coconut oil fried (panko-breadcrumb coated) tempeh and a side salad. 
Eat well and smile often.


Let's start with Friday because I had a task at work that gave me a big headache. Literally. I was asked to go to the Flower District and find non-fragrant greenery for a dinner party happening that same evening. I had so many visions of modern, minimalist centerpieces in glass vases filled with white stones. But. When I got to the stores I noticed I had very little options. There's tons of flowers and plants, plastic/silk greenery, but not at all what I was looking for. I went through every single store at least twice, and after two hours of searching I finally found some real green plants that could work, even I wasn't crazy about them. Then I just had to get white stones and some big branches for another installation. When I got home at the end of that day my headache got so bad I just passed out in bed for an hour, but woke up feeling good enough for a little walk around our town with the husband.
Saturday I met up with a friend for lunch at an Indian bistro called Basera (50th St. & 9th Ave). They make some delicious mango lassis (with Grey Goose)! There was a street fair going on as well on that same avenue which we were happy to observe from a distance inside the restaurant. 
After lunch we headed down to Flatiron District and I finally got to visit Marimekko store which I haven't seen since they opened. I love the bold colors and patterns, but seriously they should have a sale section like any other store. Everything is so pricey. I'm hunting for Unikko tote bag in yellow or pink, but I think I have to take the hunt to Ebay. From Marimekko we decided to walk to NoLiTa since it was gorgeous day and visit another Finnish store Ivana Helsinki. It is in such nice neighborhood that I could hang out over here more often.
We also had to stop at Patricia Field's store on Bowery which is a colorful drag wonderland.  I did not see one thing I would wear other than on Halloween...
Saturday ended with some live jazz at our local jazz club. Sunday I just hung out in our little yard, enjoyed the sun and reading, took few short naps and ate well. I'm ready for new week! And it's going to be so much better than the last one! 
Enjoy yours!
The world you see outside is a reflection of what you have inside, if you see only problems you are the problem, if you see hope, you are hope. - Cory Booker

Saturday, May 19, 2012


9) Sleep. Rest, relaxation, and deep sleep restore your mind, spirit, and body. I personally try to get 8 hrs of sleep each night. And usually do.

10) Care for living things. Find a small patch of garden or some potted plants, or take care of a pet. Your respect and practice in this area trickles over into other areas of your life. I've been very unsuccessful with plants and gardens but pets get my love and care 100% every day.

11) Love your loved ones every day. Relationships thrive on constant renewal. Your sacred duty is to turn every new day into another opportunity to recognize the spirit and oneness in all of us. Love and feel loved. Practice loving your loved ones as well as people you don't care so much about. We are all connected.

12) Whatever you pay attention to becomes a reality in your life. Choose wisely.

13) Dance. Every day, do a little jig, stretch your arms to the sky, or wiggle. Most living things move, sway, and stretch: remind yourself of your precious life by dancing.

14) Move towards compassion. True compassion means more than sympathy notes, tut-tuts, or listening to complaining. True compassion means recognizing who someone is underneath their exterior. Compassion is reaching out and creating a bridge between you and another person. The kind of compassion that gives life and eases sorrow or pain is the kind that recognizes the "oneness" within all.

15) Share. Your life touches other lives in amazing ways. In the time you are here, you have an opportunity to complete your purpose. Share your knowledge, share your skills, share your home, share your experiences, share your abilities. Writing a blog is one of the easiest ways to do this. Source: A Successful Woman

Friday, May 18, 2012


 What a week again. This is my third week at the new job and I still struggled with my basic duties. Thursday was the first day when everything went 100% smooth, but as they (Winston Churchill) once said "If you’re going through hell, keep going". And that's exactly what I intend to do.
 I've even experienced minor anxiety going to work now because I'm so frustrated that I can't get it right every time. I've done guided morning meditations, got to work early so I'm in no rush, enjoyed mornings relaxing by the Hudson River Park with a cup of tea and just getting the day started right.
Yes, I've also sat at the bar to get rid of the anxiety at the end of the day. One drink and I feel a little better, but I know that's really not the way to go. Although meeting friends and getting something else to think about helps also. And Cowgirl does serve nice frozen margaritas during their happy hour...
My mom-in-law's house.
Wishing you all a happy weekend!
You were not born to be average, normal or typical
You were not born a carbon copy.
You were born unique, born to excel, born to manifest the glory of the universe in your authentic truth.
You are not weak.
You are stronger than you imagine, wiser than you know, and have vast powers that you have yet to actualize.
Stop playing small.
Be YOU. Tell your truth - now, today, this very moment.
Manifest your true self - not a poor reflection of your circumstance.
Don’t walk through this world unconscious of your greatness, sleep walking, surrendering your light to the bland grey around you.
You were born to be brilliant,
To be light,
To be fire.
Infuse your glory into this moment, into your choices, into your deeds, into the habits you create.
Consciously choose.
Choose your body through conscious consumption,
Choose your attitude, through conscious thought
Choose your destiny by being present right now – for remember: Mindful moments multiplied, totally transform tomorrows
Today choose integrity, choose discipline, choose joy, choose joy, choose joy.
Rejoice in your blessings AND, most importantly, know that EVERYTHING is a blessing.
And your blessings are rich soil.
So choose to grow into the boldest, proudest, most glorious version of YOU.
You were born for this.
-Cory Booker

Thursday, May 17, 2012


1) Educate yourself. Learning something new every day is a true pleasure and a gift. Free your mind from "little thinking" and give yourself an opportunity to contemplate the magnificence of being alive. Read books. Attend lectures. Embrace every learning opportunity.

2) Follow your passions. You are the only one of you in the world. Follow where your heart leads you, and trust that you will find a way to turn your most innermost dreams into a reality. Let the Universe guide you and trust that "she" has your back.

3) Raise your consciousness. Much of the pain and suffering in our world relies on us believing that other people are "separate" or "wrong" or "bad" or "less than." We are all connected, we are each human beings and we are each sparks of divine Creation. We all are able to co-exist. When we believe that and act that way, we make a better world.

4) Find a mentor or a role model. Learn from others who embody your highest and most conscious truths. Learn from any lessons your role models may be able to share. They have created a path for you: you may not need to follow in their footsteps, but you definitely can learn from their examples. I personally like to learn from Gabrielle (spirituality), Marie (business)and my old friend who has become my spiritual mentor.

5) Volunteer. Volunteering and doing pro bono work are effective ways to contribute to your community and "step outside" of your own reality for a few hours or a few days. Since I love animals my plan is to volunteer at our local animal shelter during weekends.

6) Learn how to maintain your own finances. Learn about your money and keep a positive relationship with its growth and flow. Money is about exchange of energy: feelings of abundance or lack are connected to your own energetic feelings about how you are participating with the Universe. 

7) Cultivate friendships in your life. Seek like-minded people who will be your companions and who will support you in your path. During times of joy as well as in extreme sorrow, your friends help remind you who you really are.

8) Take care of your body. Your body serves you for the rest of your life, so feed yourself as well as you are able, drink water, exercise, and take all things in moderation. Your body is a great gauge for how your spirit is interacting with your environment. Walk at least 30 minutes a day, do yoga, stretch whenever you can and eat plenty plant-based foods. Source: A Successful Woman

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The Vegan Stoner's Pickle Pasta Salad
I do not like to use the microwave (radiation scare) and therefore my options for bringing my own lunch to work, are cold foods, such as salads. I'm going to test few pasta, potato and quinoa salads to see what works the best. This is the recipe I used last week (from Vegan Stoner)and I made enough to feed me for three days and I did not get tired of it. For dressing I mixed vegenaise, miso mayo and mustard, seasoned with himalayan salt, little paprika & garlic salt. So easy and fast! Oh, delicious too!
When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need.” - Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers! I, once again, am not able spend today with my mother or grandmother, but luckily there's the wonderful internet!
God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. 
- Jewish Proverb