Wednesday, April 4, 2012


 I was thinking of starting a new feature on this blog where I display five days of boring office outfits. Still, most time, I wear black, but with the spring coming and all I might showcase some bold colors as well. What do you think? Our office does not have very strict corporate dress code, but slacks or a pencil skirt might be a necessity, it seems. I've actually never been explained the dress code here so therefore I go with whatever others are wearing. On Fridays we follow the Casual Friday and EVERYONE wears jeans.


  1. Love the pops of color!

    Are thos massage chairs? Wish I had them in my office too ;-)

  2. Missä ihmeessä olet työssä, kun noita tv-skreenejä on miljoonia?

    Love your Thursday outfit!

  3. Hello Fashionista! :)

    Thank you! And yes, they are massage loungers. Our company sells them so they are there for the visiting investors, partners and us employees to enjoy. So heavenly to take a 5 minute break on one of those and let your stress melt away.

    Hei Eeva,

    olen toissa wellness-yrityksen paakonttorissa ja nuo teeveet valvovat 42 eri toimipistettamme ympari USA:a (ja yhta Euroopassa). Jos joku laiskottelee San Franciscossa niin Nykista lahtee tiukka puhelu heti sinne :).

    Have a happy weekend ladies!!!


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