Friday, April 20, 2012


I've felt quite lucky lately with few things in my life going exactly where I had hoped them to go. Maybe because I cleansed my crystal during the last full moon. Who knows. I'd like to believe so. But whatever it is, I got lucky again when I won Lumene's Twitter contest and was invited to the Tribeca Film Festival's Billy Bates movie premiere at the Tribeca Cinemas and after party that was held at the exclusive Boom Boom Room located inside The Standard Hotel. My date for the night was my longtime partner in crime, the lovely actress miss Keli Laing.
After the movie and the Q & A with the cast and producers we headed out to the Meatpacking District and the Standard Hotel.This was my first time at the Boom Boom Room and wow, I was  impressed. Open bar that started at the Tribeca Cinemas, sponsored by Given Liqueur, continued here and we sipped very unusual, but yummy, cocktails called Spicy Pommes. Mushed jalapenos gave it a nice little kick.
The most delicious part of the evening were these Billy Bates cupcakes that just melted in your mouth. One of the best cupcakes I've ever had, and trust me when I say I've tasted many of them. Yes, I have a serious sweet tooth.
The view from the Boom Boom Room was gorgeous. We had a super fun night out and want to thank Lumene and King Collective for making this happen!  


  1. You look so glam! Love it! Looked like a fun night too..

  2. Thanks! Good times! Need to go to more fun events like this!!!

  3. awww you're so awesome! keep doing your thing lady


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