Sunday, April 1, 2012


Light lunch; potato latkes, tempeh, home pickled cucumbers and hummus.
Sunday is the laundry day
Yellow cheer up
It was mostly rainy and cold this weekend and we didn't do anything interesting. I also have terrible cough so I missed my friend's son 1-year birthday party as well as my other friend's off-Broadway show. But I found this amazing document online called Food Matters. Watch it while it's still available for free! I have a feeling it won't be for long.


  1. Laiska kommentoija tässä hei! : ) Kiva kun jaksat kirjoitella elämästä Nykissä.

  2. Heippa Sanna! Kiitos kommentistasi! Ja vahemmanhan mina kirjoitella jaksan, mutta sitakin enemman tykkaan ottaa kuvia! :) Mahtavaa viikonloppua!


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