Tuesday, April 3, 2012


First and foremost I TRY to get all my vitamins and minerals from the foods I eat, but let's face it, I can't afford to eat at Organic Avenue every day (which by the way is only two blocks from my job!) and I do not have time or energy to cook after work since I get home pretty late (around 8pm). Therefore there are few supplements that I pop. In the winter time I take vitamin C and D3, in order to stay healthy (the amount of sick people around me on a daily basis is scary), but during spring and summer I do not feel like I need them. I get plenty of D from the sun and plenty of C from the increased amounts of fruits and veggies I eat. 
Another thing I take sometimes, even I don't think I really need to, but just in case, is Omega 3. There are plenty of plant based sources for this, such as flax-, chia- and hemp seeds as well as english walnuts. I put hemp powder in my smoothies every morning and I also just bought some chia seeds from Organic Avenue to make pudding(guess where I spend time on my lunch break spending big bucks on healthy stuff???).
I love the Raw Enzymes from Garden of Life. Digestive enzymes help us break down food properly in the small intestine so it can be absorbed properly by the body. This supplement provides 22 of the highest potency, full spectrum digestive enzymes plus powerful, raw, probiotic-created vitamins and minerals. One pill also provides 42% of daily value of vitamin D and 56% daily value of B12 (vegan's vitamin). I take one pill with every meal, usually 2-3 times a day.
MagO7 is my daily detox product that was introduced to me by Kimberly Snyder, the queen of detoxing for beauty. I just take 3-5 pills to an empty stomach before I go to sleep and that's easy as that. This helps to soften the stool which then loosens intestinal build up which aids in the release of unwanted waste materials and toxic substances in your body. It's the gentle, every day way to detox. I also take another probiotic pill before going to sleep. Because Kimberly says so. More helpful information about supplementation for plant-based diets here.


  1. Good info! I'm all about probiotics.

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  2. This was good! I didn't know all this existed and I am pretty sure I don't get enough vitamins daily. I also thought that detoxing daily wouldn't be good for stomach, but if it is I propably should try that one out too!

    And for the outfit post, can't wait to see it :) Can I ask, what is your profession? I'm in lucky position that we don't have any dress code.

  3. Koita kurkata http://www.juicemaster.com/

    Siellä voi olla sua kiinnostavia juttuja ja reseptejä? Itse teen nykyään aika paljon mehuja :)

  4. How many probiotics do you take a day? Do you take them every day? I have some Lichi probiotics that I take a couple of times a week, but they make me feel sick. I also have a new detox I want to try but I'm a bit nervous! My favourite supplement is an antioxident blueberry one.
    Have a great Easter:)

  5. Hi Sini,

    I work as an office manager at a wellness company's headquarters. The TV screens are to monitor their 42 locations nationwide. I just had my first job interview since I started this job in December, because I'm already ready to leave... This is not the company for me. Enjoy your weekend and kisses to Leonie!

    Kiitos vinkista Sanna! Kayn kurkkaamassa heti! Tarkoituksena olisi tehda mehupaasto jossakin vaiheessa kevatta kun se mehulinkokin kotoa loytyy.

    Hello beautiful Kristina!

    I take one or two probiotics at night before bed, every day. It helps me to get regular which I'm usually not without them, despite the amount of green veggies I eat every day. That's just the way my body has been all my life.

    Last time I was in Finland I bought a bag of freeze dried blueberry powder that I use for my smoothies every now and then. The power berry of the Finnish forests!

    Happy Easter!!! XO


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