Monday, April 9, 2012


I had been craving for crepes since I walked past a crepe shop in Union Square on Saturday so I just had to make mini crepes on Sunday morning. I wanted only one so I stored the rest of the dough in an old glass bottle that makes pouring it to the pan easy. The dough stays good up to one week so I can have one every day, if I want to.  I used coconut oil for frying and organic strawberry preserve and a dollop of cashew cream on top. This is the first time I ever made cashew cream and it's as easy as can be and totally guilt-free treat. I soaked a cup of raw cashews overnight, rinse them in the morning, throw them in the blender with just enough water to cover them, add a little vanilla sugar and brown sugar and let the blender do the rest. The best part of the crepes are the crispy edges... Yummy!
In the afternoon we headed out to the restaurant for a brunch with the family. I ordered a peach bellini that came in a huge champagne glass. I'm used to the tiny ones most Manhattan restaurants serve and charge arm and a leg, but this was very generous. Made me smile. And giggle. And crack jokes. :)
My little niece was wearing an adorable yellow princess dress and kept the table entertained with her witty antics. Oh boy, is she going to be trouble ten years from now. It was a good day and I wish weekend could go on just a little longer. But no, it's back to work. Hope you'll have a great week!
"The day always looks brighter from behind a smile." ~Unknown


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