Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sushi Shop just opened near my job and has been my place to go when I want to reward myself with good lunch for all the hard work I do and all the stress my boss pours on my shoulders (for no reason). I always sit upstairs where they have soft, spacious booths, the lighting is dim enough and music very ambient and relaxing. They also offer many vegetarian sushi options, salads, soups and Japanese desserts. I've been here about five times now for lunch and service has been very friendly and attentive every time.
My favorites are the spicy miso soup (could be way more spicier though)and the pink vegetarian roll. One thing I would like to criticize is the use of disposable bowls for soup and salad. I would also LOVE to enjoy my edamame warm and sea-salted. Cold edamame isn't lovable at all. Sorry.
Look at those delicious colors!!!
So if you're in Midtown East and looking for a quiet place to sit down and unwind or have a business meeting I warmly recommend Sushi Shop. See you there!


  1. I can so imagine you there... and I love your mustard skirt!

  2. Thanks Susu! I'm in love with mustards, oranges, puke greens and so on. :) This spring I'm really getting some bright punches of color to my wardrobe. Hope you've been enjoying your weekend! X


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