Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The Vegan Stoner's Soy Lazy Tacos
Once again super recipe from Vegan Stoner. How quick and easy is this! I changed the recipe quite a bit because my local Trader Joe's did not have vegan cream cheese available (and I'm really not a fan of cream cheese anyways), so I used tomato salsa instead. I also added some chopped raw red onion and tomato-bell pepper-cucumber salad. Yum! Carnivore (husband) approved! That's the first one!
Bonum appetitionem! That's bon appetit in Latin.


  1. Looks super yummy! And the style in what you devour ...so adequate!

  2. Thanks Susa! Oh yeah, when the woman is hungry, the woman eats. And they were so good too.

  3. Kyllä on herkullisen näköistä! Kävin äänestämässä Lumenen sivuilla! Toivottavasti voitat. Pidän peukkuja!

  4. Voi kiitos Sofia! En ole ollut Suomessa kesa-aikaan vuosiin ja olisi niin ihana kokea se aika vuodesta kun ihmiset ovat iloisimmillaan ja kaupunki kauneimmillaan. Ehka miehenikin tykastyisi maahan paremmin...

  5. i JUST now found the "not a tub of cream cheese" cream cheese at trader joes.. oh man, GOODNESS!

    and this recipe sounds bomb (considering i LOVE soyrizp- we have it at least once a week..)

    and i love the stoner vegan.


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