Friday, March 30, 2012


Iittala "Kivi" votives
I gave you a sneak peek of our girls night in here, and here's few more shots from the night. My friend, who is an artist, lives here in the middle of Manhattan in this gigantic loft with her husband and so much cool design and stuff I could photograph all day.
Crispy rye buttons from Finland taste so yummy with some hummus and served on Arabia's "Paratiisi" (Paradise) plate.
I'm so in love with Pentik reindeer candle holders.
Spain inspired bathroom.
Me too.
Have a great weekend everyone! Any fun plans? 


  1. Oh, that apartment looks awesome! Love all the Finnish stuff.

    Happy weekend Katz :)

  2. Thank you Sini! Same to you! I would love to steal this apartment and make my nest there. If that was in any way possible in real life. :)

  3. Oi oi! What a cozy eavning you had<3

    I have been busy lately so haven't been commenting:( I've read anyway!!! On saturday, kids have a Easter consert:D

    I was in Copenhagen and have some pictures in my blog... I defenetly would like to visit NewYork. I've only been at the Kennedy airport.

    Have a great and relaxing weekend<3

  4. Hey Kati,

    Copenhagen looked beautiful through your photos. Looked like a fun little trip. I've only been at the airport there and then took a train from there to Arhus to visit a friend. Well, actually it was a blind date and many many years ago. When I was still crazy and adventurous :).

    Happy weekend!

  5. Looking amazing, love, love, love =)

  6. oh! this is such a lovely blog!i am glad that i came across here....... its been nice to be acknowledged by your amazing blog! the location of the apartment is too good! i would love to have one for me.

    i will be back to see more new updates from you on living in nyc .


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