Sunday, February 19, 2012


During weekends I usually wake up hungry (sometimes because of the wine I've had the night before or just because I slept late) and regular breakfast alone(green smoothie)just isn't cutting it for me. I love bread, especially the real rye one from Finland, so my weekend breakfast is usually an easy sandwich made with bacon flavored tempeh(!), lettuce/cucumber, avocado, tomato and spicy pepper flavored miso mayo (vegan). I toast the bread, then fry the tempeh in coconut oil, use smashed avocado as a butter on  both pieces of the bread and add the rest of the veggies raw. Yum!
Beautiful table after finishing our meal...
Husband and I love Korean food and travel distances to find it  because our neighborhood doesn't have any Korean restaurants. I always get the same thing because I really don't believe there's anything that could possibly be better than Kimchi Jigae (made without meat for me). These are the simple pleasures we treat ourselves with during quiet weekends.
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  1. now i'm pretty sure i will be a craving burger like that until i eat one... darling blog!

  2. Thank you darlings! Now if I could only find bread as good as the Finnish rye that's gluten free. That would be my heaven. Because I loooove this bread. At least it's yeast free.


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