Monday, January 2, 2012


Hot day at the car wash
Sooo... Out of the seven resolutions I had set for 2011 only one became reality (#2), and that really is terrible success rate. Therefore I need to find a way to follow through with what I really want to achieve.  What is my goal? What makes me feel most alive, connected and successful? What do I want to experience?
Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge
I found this article on that helps to stick with your resolutions by changing them into intentions. The article advices you to "imagine yourself having what you want. Use all your senses to create the imagery. What does it look like when you have it? What do you hear? How does it feel? Make the picture or impression as intense as you can. Add color, sound and movement until you get the feelings of already having it. With my amazing imagination (in good and in bad) I'm sure I can do this very easily. Now that you know what it feels like to have what you want, change your resolution to an intention."
Brunch in Harlem
Here's the difference between a resolution and intention; "Resolution refers to something you have to figure out, an action you take with firm determination. Sounds like hard work. That's not bad, but it isn't what you most need in order to get you what you want in the long run.

An intention is a purpose held in mind, a desired goal you want to experience. It's more than hope or a wish. It's a steadfast fixed idea. Just thinking about having, being or doing it gives you pleasure.There's innate power in intention."
Palisades Park overlooking George Washington Bridge
1. Explore and deepen my spirituality by spending time with the right people and attending more workshops, lectures and events
2. Cook gourmet vegan meal at least once a week ( to the rescue)
3. Read one book a month (making my list tomorrow)
5. Start doing yoga and 30 minute walk at least twice a week (weekends)
6. Get a business plan together (yes, I'm dreaming of starting my own business)
7. Do more creative things such as painting, writing, jewelry making, video shooting and editing (time to get some vlogs in this blog)
8. Spend quality time with my husband and my dear friends. Make time for them.
Best friends make life fun
What are your intensions for the New Year? How do you stick to them?

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  1. Great Intentions. These are mine


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