Friday, January 20, 2012


My traditional Sunday breakfast; banana pancakes with blueberry jam. Homemade pina coladas from the scratch; fresh pineapple, banana, lemon and some rum. 
Traditional Saturday lunch at our favorite Korean restaurant. Hanging out at my sister-in-law's with her million kids. Ok, some of those are her friend's kids... Enjoying Pina Coladas in front of the fireplace. So exotic. Chilling with Miina in bed.
Great Thai food straight from the Thai Elephant Truck on my way home. I don't have time to cook. Except on the weekends. But then I'm allowed to be lazy. I enjoyed lunch outdoors. How crazy is that. It's January and I was not even cold. And I get cold very easily. Had wonderful dinner home made dinner at my friend's gorgeous loft in Chelsea. She is a fan of Finnish design. Stayed in a hotel in Manhattan on Sunday night. Just because. I'm so not a fan of sleeping out. Love my bed and my home
Bella Life Online Magazine's "Colorful Conversations" event with reiki healings and healthy snacks at Olivia's rooftop party room. Ever so gorgeous Nitika Chopra hosted the event. Photo source.
Have a beautiful weekend!
“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” 
- Mahatma Gandhi


  1. I'd love to get the banana pancake recipe! Now that I'm Americanside-bound, I am thinking little fluffier crepes would be very suitable...;) Plus, I have been cooking more! Canada does wonders on this babe;)

  2. heeeey if I could live in NYC I don't think I'd feel the need to go anywhere :) seems like you had a lovely week! terkkuja lontoosta :)


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