Thursday, January 12, 2012


Souen is slowly becoming one of my favorite restaurants. I had dinner here with my mentor again before our Vortex healing session in the West Village. I felt a little nauseous from coffee I had earlier in the day, so I asked for something refreshing with ginger and got this delicious ginger ale made of fresh ginger. What a huge difference compared to those artificially flavored ones. 
For appetizer I had miso soup to stimulate digestion and warm me up. Miso is actually extremely beneficial food for your health (B-12 vitamin!!!), read more about it here. We also had some warm seaweed salad my mentor introduced me to, but I forgot now what it was called. Very good as well. For main course I had crispy tempeh (or was it seitan?) cutlets with brown rice and beetroot sauce. So frigging good!
"Macrobiotics is a means to live comfortably in harmony with nature. The basic idea of Macrobiotics is very simple.It is thought that by eating balanced foods such as grains and vegetables that are more local and in season, we can maintain good physical and spiritual health and live in harmony with nature. A typical Macrobiotic plate for our area will consist of a large portion of grains, beans, seaweed, vegetables and vegetable protein, such as tofu, seitan, beans and tempeh. Following the traditional Japanese food model of a simple and natural diet, macrobiotics dictates eating food in a natural way – unrefined and unprocessed. But what does unrefined and unprocessed mean? It means for example, eating whole foods such as vegetables together with their skins and stems. It means not eating husked, processed rice but whole grain brown rice. It means, we living people should eat from a living land – taking food in season, in its entirety." source


  1. I'd love to hop on the train and scoot over for a weekend workshop of Katz' Klean Eating! You inspire me to strive for healthier choices. I realize how eating oatmeal or spinach feels empowering;) Gotta go small "stepies" ...and get there;)

  2. Haha! Yes, you should come over, or I would also LOOOOVE to visit Canada for a weekend trip. Hubby and I been talking about it forever, just gotta make it happen!


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