Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm a big snacker and I've come a long way from being addicted to candy to choosing healthier snacks, like these gluten-free brown rice-tamari-seaweed crackers. Just a little peanut butter, hummus and vegetables of your choice (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, pickles). 
When I crave for something sweet (like candy) I get a pomegranate. Way better than any candy! Another yummy sweet snack idea: grapes stored in the freezer. Pop individually for sweet cravings and be guilt free.


  1. My new year's resolution was not to eat any sweets until Easter. Chocolate is basically my fuel so I wanted to see if I could go without it. So far I've been really good and it hasn't been as hard as I thought. I don't think I could keep this up forever though. Chocolate cheesecake and I are pretty tight. But pomegranate IS super good...yum!

  2. Oh I love chocolate! When I was younger I used to eat a whole Fazerin Sininen levy in one sitting. And my face would not react in any way. Except it would lit up in big smile. Now, that I'm over thirty, I eat one little chocolate bar and my face will remind me about it for a week. So I have quit chocolate. It's so unfair. Panda licorice is something I always have in the house when sugar cravings hit and no pomegranate nearby.


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