Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have one week off between jobs (for those that didn't know yet, I found a new job!) and was dreaming about a vacation somewhere in the sun, but unfortunately hubby has the busiest time of the year at work right now, so he was unable to get time off this week. So here I am, home with the cats again. Not that I'm complaining. I'm keeping myself busy with other things such as hot yoga (still get dizzy), decorating the house for the holidays (we just put the tree up yesterday), listening to GabbyTV (, went to Vortex healing circle with my mentor and today attending a private event at Nygard Fashion in Times Square. I hope that tomorrow we'll be able to take the plane or the car and go somewhere far for a long weekend. That shall remain to be seen. In the meanwhile I keep bombing husband with the text messages about where we should go. I WILL get what I want. 


  1. Enjoy the sweet quiet time. Let it speak to you. It is little tender luxury.

    In spirit with you - hugs!

  2. You always have a gorgeous house with a gorgeous fireplace!


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