Friday, December 2, 2011


This week has been wonderful. I was finally offered a corporate job with a fast growing, innovative company and I'm beyond excited to start! No more weekends, holidays or evenings at work! I'm staying in Midtown unfortunately, just 4 blocks away from my old job, but it's still new to me and I can't wait to start exploring my new streets and the restaurants on them.  And of course I will stop by my old job as well to look for lunch companions and to say hi! So, it is time of celebration. I still have one more day left at the old place and as you can see from the top left photo, I'm taking it really easy. It's celebratory times at home as well and hubby replenished the bar at home with some Finlandia. As you can see, our bar includes also the old Finnish favorite; licuorice licueur vodka. Great for shots! Another fun thing I did this week was to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and had lunch outdoors at Stone Street's Smorgas Chef. 
Now I finally have reason to splurge on some really nice fitted blazers for the new job. I found few great ones, but the only problem is that I need something with more elasticity because I like to stretch a lot throughout the day... So I keep searching. Kimchi Taco Truck was being nice this week and parked one block away from my job and I had wonderful lunch from them; tofu-edamame-falafel-kimchi tacos. Yummy! And what's better than hot (spiked) cider under the stars (and heat lamps) at Bryant Park. Holiday season is here!
Have a wonderful weekend sweethearts!


  1. Congratulations on your new job! Very happy for you!

  2. Thank you Pilvi! Beyond excited to start. But first I'll enjoy this one week staycation between jobs and prepare myself mentally. Have a fun weekend!


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