Saturday, December 17, 2011


It has been a crazy week for me. I started a new job which feels very overwhelming because of the amount of new information that I'm trying to absorb as soon as possible. I also had three parties this week that kept me up little too late at night... And then I took my birthday girl out for another birthday dinner tonight at one of our favorite restaurant. Therefore I'm extremely sleep deprived and will sleep veeeery late tomorrow. Yup, don't try to wake me up. I'm so happy the weekend is here! Enjoy it!


  1. Happy sleeping! :)
    (was the same for me by the way, this week! Late night, early mornings, work for school... And then finally sleep long today, and later seeing my friends... Happy happy happy!)

  2. Leaving you a comment very quietly here so that I won't bother your well-deserved sleep;)

    Learning a new job s very tiring! I remember feeling so clumsy, as if I forgot the things that I usually master. I have that feeling a little bit here in Canada now. All is new. I keep dropping things... bump into stuff. Feel nervous more easily than usual.

    But just like you will get over the beginning step, I believe that I will find my work here and get used to the life "Canadianside". Pikku hiljaa...;)

  3. Thank you darlings! I slept like a baby. Especially with all the goodies we had for dinner at the Beacon topped with the gigantic pear crumble for dessert... I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the weekend, i.e. clean the house (it's a mess) and then nephew's birthday party just down the street. Oh, and cut my hair!

    And yes, I feel so stupid at work, doing the dumbest little mistakes especially when the owner of the company is around. Friday was the first good day so I think I'm getting more comfortable now.


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