Sunday, December 18, 2011


We had fun weekend. Nothing special, just catching up with things, some housework and then my sister-in-law's son's (what would be the short way to say this?) 8th birthday party in the evening. She had prepared some delicious caramel-apple cider spiked with caramel vodka. I had few of those during the night... 
Temperatures are finally dropping in this part of the country, but luckily we've been getting plenty of beautiful sunshine and today is no exception. I might take a walk to town and see what's going on, there's also free community yoga class at one of our yoga studios I might attend and then I should start thinking about gifts. I've done zero shopping so far. I know what I'm getting for my husband, but that's pretty much it. It will most probably be just gift cards. No stress.
We haven't even taken our holiday card photos yet which means that they need to be sent electronically. Again. As you might notice, I'm not too crazy about this time of the year. Too much unnecessary spending. My only gift request for myself is a ring. I lost my wedding ring while ago  (I'm pretty sure a ghost at my hotel stole it), so I would like that to be replaced. That's it. I do not want any more stuff or clothes. I have plenty. And more. This photo makes me rethink the way we live. What is really important and what's unnecessary.
A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. -Mohandas Gandhi


  1. I don't really celebrate Christmas anymore because I don't have any family left -- but if I would, I'd still decorate my home like yours :) It looks beautiful, I've always loved the American way of Christmas decorating and the abudance of it all. No gifts needed really, those decorations alone make Christmas. Ho, ho, ho -- enjoy yours :)

  2. Love all the lights you have! I'm trying to call my sister-in-law's children "our niece/nephew"; especially the baby nephew since I've been in the picture the whole way. "My husband's nephew" sounds too much like I'm taking a distance which I don't want to do! Then again, people are easily confused if I don't specify whose sibling's child I'm talking about, and I can't blame them. So, it's either the slightly obscure "niece/nephew" or the way-too-long "sister-in-law's daughter/son".

  3. I love your tree!!! Merry Christmas to your family as well. :)


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