Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last year I visited the Union Square Holiday Market and this year it was time for the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. So many wonderful unique gifts that I'll probably ditch the malls and department stores completely this year. Rather support the small businesses.
Didn't go ice-skating yet, maybe next time. Have to find the quiet time of the day and then do it. I don't want to kill anyone... Kill them with my skills, if you know what I mean. My parents took me to figure skating classes when I was very young, so i believe there's still some talent left to show. :)
Between shopping you can have a drink, or a meal, at the beautiful Celsius Lounge overlooking the entire park. 
Another great spot to sit down and relax is the Southwest Porch that's also equipped with heat lamps and serves hot cider (also spiked). I visited this place in the summer time few years ago here.
And there's a firepit! What a wonderful place to get in the holiday mood for real forreal.


  1. ihania kuvia!! haluun nyyjorkkiin :))

  2. Bryant park looks beautiful this time of year! I wish I could see it in person! Maybe one day! hope you are enjoying the season so far! =)

  3. Kiitos Linda!

    Yes Ashley, I think Bryant Park is way cuter in the winter than summer. You can't beat that festive atmosphere. Such cute place. I have to go back!


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