Friday, December 23, 2011


 It's great to be off for the holidays after all these years working in the hotel. Today we had an early-release as our office closed at 2.30pm and no work until Tuesday! Oh, corporate world, how happy am I... By the way, I haven't bought one gift yet and our e-cards just left my computer last night. Yeah, I'm not very good with this holiday stuff. I would like to try to transform our holidays from materialism to a meaningful, loving time to spend with our family and friends. One gift each. That's it. And tons of great food.
Have a beautiful Christmas, Xmas or whatever it is you celebrate!


  1. hyvää joulua sulle :) kissat on niin kivat tonttulakeissaan :D

  2. Merry XXX-Mas!
    I still haven't done any shopping either.. going in a few minutes.. I bet it's going to be horrible out there with all the last minute shoppers..

  3. Kiitos samoin akissfromthepast! Meidan pikkutontut jotka vihaa kuvien ottamista...

    Saara! I actually did my shopping last year on the 24th an hour before the store closed at 6pm (Filene's Basement). I was working of course and went shopping after work. Luckily I got everything from one place. And there were actually no lines. Shocker. Might use the same technique this year...

  4. Love the blog girlie!

    Keep up the great posts!

    * follow eachother ?

    Happy Holidays, xo!

  5. Oikein hyvää Joulua Katz myös sinne kauas kauas!!


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