Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've always been huge bracelet collector and wearer and gone through phases from self-knotted friendship bracelets to too much bling bracelets to Erykah Badu type big cuff bracelets to my current favorite; yoga inspired beaded jewelry with inspirational charms such as Buddha's palm, om symbol, cats (of course), tree of life, Mother Amma and owls.
My other favorites for some time now have been big rings, latest being this "Pernio" ring from Kalevala Koru. My mom got it for me for an early xmas present when I was visiting home. Interesting fact is that Kalevala Jewelry is owned by 4000 Finnish women devoted to preserve our cultural heritage, and is one of the largest jewelry groups in Europe. Something to be proud of! 
And then some kitty cuteness.
Have a wonderful week rockstars!
"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." Dalai Lama

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  1. Mun siskolla myös on tuo samainen sormus, se on kyllä todella ihana! Pitää ehkä itsekin joskus hankkia samanlainen.

    Pidän rannekoruista, mutta mun pitkät käsikarvat aina jäävät sinne väleihin ja saan minikokoisia nipistyksiä all the time, joten en käytä niitä enää! :D Vai pitäiskö sheivata käsikarvat?


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